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Company Overview

Sol-Air Systems Inc. (Sol-Air) is a private Canadian company engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of air decontamination technology. This technology is capable of eliminating viruses, bacteria, molds, parasites, volatile organic compounds (VOC), as well as treating odors. Sol-Air decontaminates air using its patented and proprietary technologies to produce enhanced Ultraviolet (UV) light and hydroxyls, which photo-oxidize and cleanse the air. This process can be used as a circulation or injection system to eliminate the components of air contamination. Application expertise is required to balance the amount of UV light, the resultant hydroxyls, and the air moving capabilities of the Sol-Air unit with the level of contamination and volume of air space that is to be treated.

Mission Statement

Through innovative technology, progressive research and development, and the focused drive to lead the air decontamination industry through excellence, Sol-Air strives to globally enhance the quality of life. Staying true to our mission in improving the air quality of our planet, Sol-Air will be working closely with humanitarian projects to ensure that quality of life will be enhanced world-wide. Hospitals built in third-world countries will be carrying the Sol-Air technology in order to stop the spread of infectious disease and harmful bacteria. Sol-Air decontaminates the air we breathe.