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Sol-Air HP500 Print
The Sol-Air HP500, with its patented proprietary Ultraviolet system, is the ideal solution when airborne particulate and contamination must be removed from the air. While eliminating odors, the Sol-Air HP500 traps particulate such as ash, animal hair, and all other air borne particles.

Sol-Air systems decontaminate air, eliminating bacteria, viruses, molds and hundreds of unpleasant odors caused by fire, smoke, mildew, flood damage, chemical pollution, spills, sewage backup, black water, standing gray water, etc.

  • Optional HEPA filtration systems are available for sensitive applications.
  • An optional negative-air kit for sewer backup and gray-water problems is available upon request.

  SOL-AIR HP500 Specifications
16” W x 16” L x 38” H
(40.6 x 40.6 x 96.5 cm)
80 lbs (36.3 kg)
Power Requirements 120V, 3.5A
Lamps Each unit contains 1 Ultraviolet light lamp. Expected life of a lamp is 9,000 hours.
Construction All units are constructed from Galvaneal steel, texture powder coated and engineered for maximum performance, strength and corrosion resistance.
Air Movement
Built-in variable speed blower 100 to 1,000 CFM.
C.S.A. certified.
Warranty Sol-Air Systems Inc. warrants that this system (excluding spare parts and consumables) shall be free from defects in workmanship or materials for a period of one (1) year from the delivery thereof to the customer.