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The Restoration industry in North America is busy, with fire and flood damage occurring daily.  The National Fire Protection Association states in its Fire Loss in the U.S. During 2004 Abridged Report that there were approximately 1.6 million fires reported in 2004 and many more not reported.  That figure represents a fire truck attending a fire every 20 seconds.  Fire and floods do not always completely destroy a building and in those cases a restoration company can repair the damage.  Smoke and water damage are addressed through many means, some more costly than others and the insurance companies in North America are always looking for effective, less expensive means of restoration.  Restoration companies use Sol-Air products to remove smoke odor from fires, mold and mildew from flooding in a very cost and time effective way. Sol-Air products are currently in use by restoration companies throughout North America.

Sol-Air’s Ultraviolet Technology

In comparison to using chemicals or removing contaminated materials to eliminate mold and smoke damage, Sol-Air’s UV systems will actively remove smoke odors from the air, carpets, and wood structure and kill bacteria, viruses, and molds.

The wavelength frequency of Sol-Air’s lamps is particularly “tuned up” to affect the gas molecules of a wide range of compounds, including those of petrochemical origin, but also the off-gassing of biological excretions, sulfides and other odors that results from water immersion.

UV Radiation catalyses the breaking of ambient oxygen and water vapor molecules into O+ and OH-. These free radicals oxidize the odorous contaminants in the air. This reaction results in a sequential and instantaneous gas breakdown of the contaminants with minimal by-products, such as elemental sulfur, CO2, water vapor, molecular oxygen and trace ozone.

The End Result

Sol-Air’s small portable systems are used extensively throughout the restoration sector in North America and Europe.  Removal of odors and decontaminating the air after flooding and fires gives the residents of these buildings peace of mind and a healthy environment live or work in.

Theatre Royal at Haymarket, Newcastle, England
Theatre Royal at Haymarket

“A major fire from the adjoining property caused smoke and odour contamination within the theatre.  We were called in last Friday to deal with the problem and have had teams of up to 30 techs at a time round the clock in the general clean down.  Potentially, the Theatre owners who have the contents valued at UK£80 million could not only face huge disruption, but the theatre company who rented the theatre for a production for a three month run, paying £29,000 weekly rent and expecting an income of almost half a million pounds per week, were concerned that the opening night would have to be put off and that the production would have to be delayed indefinitely.

Cleaning has been completed.  Your units have been put in and the odours and particulates removed or brought to acceptable levels - confirmed with laser particle counters and photo-ionization detectors which identify VOC in parts per billion.  The show opened for the preview on time and as planned and will commence its run tonight.” - Andy Habershaw (Action Dry, UK)