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Agriculture Applications Print
Air quality within livestock barns for hogs, poultry, and dairy can be hazardous both to the animals and the workers.  Safe decontamination of the air will increase the health of the workers and animals lowering the need for antibiotics and increasing the production of the farm.  A healthy hog can gain an extra 3 to 6 pounds when ready for market.

Odor control will improve the environment for those living in the rural communities and soften the conflicts between the farmers and their neighbors.  Sol-Air systems used in farm operations will make these improvements possible.

Sol-Air’s Ultraviolet Technology

In comparison to ozone generators, activated charcoal, essential oils and biomedia filters, Sol-Air’s systems are effective and chemical-free, with lower capital and operations/maintenance costs; occupies much less real estate.

The wavelength frequency of Sol-Air’s lamps is particularly “tuned up” to affect the gas molecules of a wide range of compounds, including those of petrochemical origin and those containing sulfur, such as H2S and mercaptans.

UV Radiation catalyses the breaking of ambient oxygen and water vapor molecules into O+ and OH-. These free radicals oxidize the odorous contaminants in the air. This reaction results in a sequential and instantaneous gas breakdown of the contaminants with minimal by-products, such as elemental sulfur, CO2, water vapor, molecular oxygen and trace ozone.

Uses For Sol-Air Agricultural Equipment

ImageSol-Air’s UV equipment is easily adaptable for use in livestock barns, including poultry, hogs, horse and cattle.  Sol-Air units can be adapted to any area where air decontamination is desired whether an out-of-the-box or custom unit is required.