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Sol-Air systems are used by hospitals and senior care facilities for air decontamination of odors, viruses, bacteria’s and mold spores. Laboratory testing at the University of Alberta show a 98% kill rate of the pathogens tested with the Sol-Air technology. The Sol-Air systems are used in isolation rooms, operating rooms, dressing rooms, patient rooms, common areas, morgues and numerous other areas in the facilities. Sol-Air continues to receive orders from this industry and ongoing meetings and follow ups show the staff and patients are very happy with the results of these systems.   All systems used in the medical segment are equipped with prefilters and HEPA final filters to increase the safety and effectiveness of the system.

Sol-Air’s Ultraviolet Technology

The Medical HP1500 is designed to protect workers, patients and visitors from airborne infectious diseases, and eliminate the need for negative air pressure systems, currently used in isolation rooms.

The Sol-Air decontamination system is a patented and proprietary technology that eliminates bacteria, viruses, and molds as well as VOC’s from the room. VOC’s include odors from cleaning products and off gassing from other synthetic products such as carpets, and other forms of unpleasant odors such as food, garbage, and sanitary odors. This is accomplished through photo oxidation of the contamination by an enhanced multi-frequency UV light produced inside the enclosure of the Medical HP1500. The UV light also produces hydroxyls that circulate and disinfect throughout the room alongside the processed decontaminated air.

UV Radiation catalyses the breaking of ambient oxygen and water vapor molecules into O+ and OH-. These free radicals oxidize the odorous contaminants in the air. This reaction results in a sequential and instantaneous gas breakdown of the contaminants with minimal by-products, such as elemental sulfur, CO2, water vapor, molecular oxygen and trace ozone.

Uses For Sol-Air Medical Equipment

ImageWith the Medical HP1500’s portability, its ease of set up, and the lack of a need for exhaust venting the Medical HP1500 has a multitude of applications in a health care facility. They can be used in common areas and waiting rooms to help prevent the spread of communicable diseases between patients, visitors and workers. The Sol-Air units are used in rooms where open wounds such as burns are exposed to the air, preventing infection as well as eliminating any unpleasant odors caused by the dressings. Other common applications are in the laundry, washroom, and kitchen areas.